A Fork in the Road (Word from the Editor)



“At first, it seemed like a shot in the dark. However, when I stood as always to support her, she took the first step with confidence, and that was all it took for me to realize she had it in her.”

     Before now, any concept of taking journalism into our lives as more than a career seemed worthy of skepticism. Bailey Jackson, seventeen year old pursuant of a career in photo-journalism, is as self-confident in the things she enjoys, and has as many likes/dislikes, as the next person, but there hasn’t ever really been any particular thing that just… sticks. Until now, that is.

     The Spring of 2013 was a time of many emotions, many pressures, and many more decisions. At this turning point in her life, many questions regarding Bailey’s future and plans of success were asked; though, at the time were left unanswered. The tension of time pressing forward against the wishes of a young upstart with little sense of direction became chaotic. It’s this very chaos that set her on the path she now walks. She needed to know for sure which direction she was going to take in life, and the fast-paced calamity of her daily life brought the inspiration she needed in order to decide that she wanted to pursue a career in slowing  the better aspects of life down to hold on to them.

      What better way to capture a moment, than a photo? What better way to expand on that moment, while still holding on to the lapse of that time forever, than to inscribe it with words? With this in mind, photo-journalism seemed not only possible, but plausible. With a camera in her hands, and words on her mind, Bailey takes to innovating every interval of life that inspires her and possibly those around her. With high hopes, she walks through the fork in the road which separates her definite success from her potential failure. My high hopes extended, I thank everyone whom offers her support in advance. May this journey be an adventure to last a joyful lifetime.

Habemus Gratiam,

-Ra’Jai Nelson